Keith says:

"I'm thrilled with how great the soybeans look, I hope the do as well as last years beans did.  The north end is getting a little bit of iron Clorosis, but I knew that was a possibility of planting soybeans on a higher PH soil.  I don't think it will affect much as the field as a whole looks great.  I plan on laying out the pipe on the beans in the next couple of days since I'd like to water them all before the hotter weather sets in.   
The corn looks really great as well and it has started pollinating now.  Now is the peak use of water in corn.  I'm really hoping it will out yield last years corn crop. 

Also I ordered some iron so dad and I can build a replacement well shed for the south well if you and Jeff still want us too.  We should get the iron in a week or two.  Dads friend that builds sheds said he might have some extra tin around for me to put on it and it will probably be white unless you would like it to be a different color.  I can get whatever color you guys would want."